YUNGBLUD – Polygraph Eyes


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  1. Almost happened more than 1 at least 3 but after it happened the 1 time the other 2 I knew I was drugged and got out before please be careful do not keep it to your self if it has happened to you there is help and we must put a stop to it

  2. If you see this Dom, Yungblud, you are an amazing person with amazing ideas, you are the artist of the millennium! I've never seen another man respect women and people so much! I cant wait to go to your shows! I will always be a huge fan

  3. thais omg hits a bit too close to home right now but i’m so grateful for the fact that he wrote this because it’s so important and it’s not talked about enough 🖤

  4. A lot of our favourite tv shows have sex pests/sexual assaulters in.
    Joey from friends, theres loads of episodes he gets girls to drink more in hopes of having sex.
    Barney from how I met your mother says it quite openly that he gets girls drunk to make them easy.

  5. This song relates to me in so many ways. First of all, I shouldn't have been drinking so much as I always black out. I put myself in so much danger. I remember bits and pieces about that night. It was 3 young men, one was kissing me the 2 others pulling down my pants, when it was over I remember kicking the door open and running as fast as I could in a field. Made it to a road and someone called me cab as I didn't know where I was. When I got home I remember sneaking into the house so my 53 year old self would have called the police and did a rape kit. Even though we shouldn't have to be careful when we go out to drink and have fun, that's not reality. Try not to drink so much and always have a friend with you that will have you're back. Sorry to anyone who has been through that or a similar situation. Also, never leave your drink unattended. Even to this day, I wonder how many other people they did that to, because I didn't report it. Girls' should definitely be aware of the amount of alcohol they are able to handle but once in awhile, you have one drink or shooter too much and before you know it you're waking up in some guys room with blue sheets. Before you go out drinking, try and arrange, a time where you will be picked up, by someone you trust. If this (long story) helps at least one person, it was worth writing. Thanks for reading, stay safe.

  6. consent is like tea.
    if you offer someone tea and they say no, then you don't give it to them.
    if you offer someone tea and they say yes, then you give it to them.
    not hard.

  7. Josefine.. RIP.. You decided to walk ur own way.. You left us way too early, but we are satisfied that u are now in peace.
    The pain were too heavy to carry. U are safe now, no one can never touch u again EVER , NO ONE! Sleep well baby love .

  8. “See this girl, she had a boyfriend
    His name was Zach and he made her happy
    But he couldn't understand
    In his mind she was a slag (A fucking slag!)
    When she tried to explain what happened
    She was shouting at him for an hour
    Crying at the top her lungs
    "Don't leave me here, yu're the one I love"” i feel like more people should talk about this part because this happens so often where someone will be in a relationship and get sexually harassed by a person who wasn’t the person they were dating and then the person they were dating will get mad and call the person a slut or a player or a hoe even though it wasn’t the persons fault

  9. I like Yungblud music it's awesome I'm happy to have found this guy! I believe she actually does want him cuz true feelings actually come out when drunk. even when I'm drunk I still kinda know what I'm doing. it all depends how drunk they are tho too drunk is like rape cuz they can't consent at all.

  10. As a victim of rape following a night out, this song is absolutely amazing. I’m one of the lucky ones that got justice.
    Yungblud is sending out an amazing message!

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