You Can Do You | Musical – American Housewife


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  1. 0:06, that face you get when your mother is dating a Sesame Street puppeteer.
    0:17, you heard what the little missy said, "Don't be a mom!"
    0:20, Meg Donnelly nods her head vigorously like it's about to fall off her neck!
    0:25, that's sad! Is Cooper an orphan?
    0:36, Omigosh! Look at Meg's little smile! Isn't that precious? Also Cooper is popping up behind her like a creepy dude.
    0:39, Watch how Meggie says "huh"! It's so cute!
    0:46, Cooper just stole a skateboard! Say you're sorry, Cooper!
    0:55, Meggie's eyes are like Bugsy's again!
    1:01, That little face! So precious! Less than one minute old!
    1:10, Cooper is going to make that boy lose his lunch on his Levi's!
    1:14, the little face on Taylor! Precious!
    1:21, Taylor's face! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I can't bear it! It's adorable!
    1:24, Cooper, be gentle with Taylor!
    1:26, I heard two things, wet sneakers on the floor, and Taylor's adorable giggle!
    1:30, Cooper said a Walt Disney quote!
    1:38, Meg's voice sounds like the Angel Gabriel's!
    1:38, Sassy Taylor!
    1:53, Taylor just went back to back with Oliver! Could they secretly be twins?
    1:55, Meg just looked at me!
    1:59, How did Taylor and Oliver manage to pick up an 8-year-old little girl?
    2:12, Meg is the voice of a beating heart!
    2:18, Taylor giggled!
    2:22, The way Meg Donnelly says "cook" sounds like an awkward silence. But she's still my girl.
    2:24, The way Taylor said, "Pick up after ourselves" sounds like she, Oliver, and Anna-Kat were naughty dogs who pooped on the hardwood floors!

  2. What is going on… why is there like a 10 year old at a highschool. And why does no one notice that there is a full on dance and song going on around them… AND WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?!

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