Woody Harrelson's Dad Was a Salesman and a Hitman


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  1. Woody gives back to society in so many ways. His father's actions bare no reflection on him. Keep up the good work Woody.😍❤💜😍

  2. ADX Florence – what a fascinating and astonishing institution of the BOP! It is really very secure and it's security measures is very sophisticated and well designed and I love it so very much 😍😍😍😍😍 Lovely greetings from Sarah 🙋💝👍

  3. David Brant Berg was my grandfather. You guys got you info wrong. The old man in the picture is not the guy who wrote the book. Please do your research and don't click any photo you type up on the the internet to give an example of the person your trying to show.

  4. ADX sounds like the modern Alcatraz. I'd like to visit, then talk with Robert Hanson, Ted Kazinski, Eric Rudolph and maybe others. If it could be confidential. Where I would guess they would have wisdom to tell. By that, they lived one life, there's probably a common denominator between them and maybe not.
    Ted Kazinski, maybe he'd choose the internet. Eric Rudolph, maybe there's more to what went on. Robert Hanson, maybe he was stepping on others toes and just doing what everyone else does, maybe necessity. Give a little to get a lot. The sophistication of the court system and prosecution skills they would face, they might even be innocent. Pardon me for being Johnny Reb.

  5. Infact Charles was brought in immediately after the JFK assassination for questioning. He was one of 4 "hobos" the police caught on a train car right after the assassination. There's actually pictures of him at deeley plaza the day of JFK's killing…. check it out for yourselves

  6. Funny that you're saying he wasn't involved in the JFK murder, when you included a bunch of pictures taken in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963 of Charles Harrelson along with two other men who were all arrested as 'Bums' after the assassination of JFK. They're the pictures of the men surrounded by the police, walking along a street.

  7. Explaining someones behaviour, failure or success is always simplified once you know their life history. It's doesn't make it true, it just makes it convenient and easier to dismiss their effort.

  8. Woody is one of the most underrated actors ever. He is phenomenal. A bit quirky but aren’t we all? I admire his efforts to help his dad as misguided as they might be.

  9. I love Woody he is a great actor. I dont give a shit if his dad killed a few people. I am a water bearer and I have zero empathy in my soul for peoples hurt or killed .

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