Witchy Woman (Live at The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 10/20-22/1976)


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  1. Fine song, except for that Franki Valli-esque falsetto, it's like the fly on the best pie at the bakery store. But I'm sure there will be tons of fans who will claim this is actually the cherrie on that pie, but I gave up trying to make the blind see and the tonedeaf to hear. Halleluljah, these are the words as the god of music whispered in my ears.

  2. This used to be my nickname . still have the long black hair. But I never took drugs , never slept around. But it was me and still is . I have striking looks and this song sums me up.

  3. For the comment down below I'm the one who writes lyrics like last night I'll bring the Dungeons and a thousand b**** just that particular song just drove me nuts so here I am like they're at yep One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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