Watch The Biggest Fights In Teen Mom OG History


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  1. That’s all Farrah knows how to do it she’s all mouth she doesn’t let anybody talk. She just expects every crew member and her parents and she does it in front of her daughter. No wonder the dumb bitch got fired.

  2. She spoke the truth doooh.That creep did try to hook up with her. And Amber came up for her man.. BUT after all the sh!t HE leached,lied & stole from her,and left her with damage en drama. What a hero.💩 Ps : I will never fight for a low@ss loser!..Who dumb now?😂😴

  3. It seems like television entertainment today is overloaded with talk shows that consist of people fighting over everything. Steve Wilkos, Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, and of course, Teen Mom.

  4. Is Farrah even ready to be a mom yet, especially after she called her mom a “Dumb bitch”. If I ever did that, my ass would be on the driveway 😂

  5. Who the hell does Farrah think she is by being rude to her mom who had her for 9 months in her belly and took care of her and raised and Farrah is a nobody and making her daughter to be on social media at a young age like girl has no parenting skills

  6. Farrah needed a spanking as a child, she's disrespectful to her mother and she should be grateful and thankful to God she even have one…farrah is very annoying!!!

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