Warren Buffet's Advice; for Anyone Who Wants to Start a Business


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  1. If you want to start a business, don't start with both legs. Start with one leg. You can't put all eggs in one basket. The journey of being an entrepreneur is slow but with greater reward if you don't give up.

  2. hey SSTV,
    i dropped out of college intentionally just to be an entrepreneur, but everybody is saying that it doesn't matter how successful i become, i can not replace necessity of college education, everybody will know me as a low-educated person.

    so how true is it?

  3. you are so obsessed with a woman reproduction thing and Mr. Warren Buffett's speech.
    Yes, they are all true. Pregnancy involves time and a bunch molecular cell divisions, endocrinology and a woman mood swings.

    although, I can understand complex molecular biology, business and life in general. But I failed miserably with women, being a scholar, I have learned that it is not smart to upset women and keep them waiting.

    Your videos are very educational.

  4. I work 7 days because business is my oxygen . business is only way to get independence . but I believe don't lose two place at one time .Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket. thanks my tutor.

  5. Everything which is worth doing requires effort and if it easy then everyone will already be doing it. Never be afraid to invest effort into yourself and your future as well as your income generating ability. Take the time to make mistakes now rather than later when it probably really matters. Treat your business like a member of your own family which in many senses it is. Thank you for a great video very motivating.

  6. Effort nd hard work with patience is the key to be an enterprenure….
    But Enterprenure is something special..No matter how big or small the work zone is…✌️✌️

  7. Very important points indeed…many thanks… I listen to your ideas on a daily basis, this helps me to stay standing while I am starting my own business…

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