Top 20 Most Difficult Actors To Work With


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  1. I could care less how difficult it would be to work with Stephen Segal I'd do it anyways… but didn't Charlie Sheen straighten his life up getting off drugs and alcohol?

  2. Why shit on people? Why such a negative piece? People don't need to know this shit about others they do not even know personally…terrible reporting and of no substance to society.

  3. I got to work with Sean Penn on "Into the Wild" which he directed. He is one director I'd work with again in a minute. A great director and made himself a part of the crew to the point of helping schlep equipment

  4. some of these actors get triggered due to media/paparazzi pushing them over the edge to get a story… it's totally not their fault and should be removed from this list…

  5. Ok, i have to say something. Hustlers was not "well received". It was total garbage, j lo was awful, it was critically panned as being horrible because it was, and it only made a profit because NOTHING ELSE was in theatres at the time.

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  7. A few of these were just taking there more seriously than they thought everyone else was and to be honest I don't think they should be faulted for that and sometimes your having a bad day and need to let out some anger and blowing up is usually how people do it and you know if I was working on terminator salvation I would probably be pissed at everyone to

  8. I’ve never understood why people like Charlie Sheen… why???

    Edit: also based on what you’ve said of her at least, Katherine Heigl should not be on here

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