Tim Roth Documentary – Made in Britain 2000 (full) **contains some adult content**


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  1. Tim Roth is REAL and down to earth, he's not only a great actor but a great MAN, and I think that's why so many people admire him and his work. He's a good example for everyone, especially for young men, as he does not allow the world around him or other people to affect what he knows is right and true. I seen an interview he did when he was very young, an up & coming actor, and even then it was obvious that he was very mature and had his priorities and head on straight, and would never allow himself to be weakened by the Hollywood lifestyle or anything else. He had a rough childhood, but he grew up to be a respectable man who showed that he was far superior than any of the people of authority who contributed to the obstacles put in front of him in his past.

  2. I love British actors I think they have more depth and certainly more humour than American actors:David Suchet,Alan Rickman,Jeremy Irons,Gary Oldman,Tim Roth,John Hurt,Ian Holm,Ian MacShane,Robert Powell,Anthony Hopkins,just to name a few…

  3. Does anybody recall shortly after made in Britain a short TV series with Tim Roth as a soldier who had recently left the Army and was beaten up by a group of Asian`s because they thought he was a skinhead.What was the series called?

  4. she said "very small", great moment of prejudice,  would she mind if someone called her "very black"…. or is prejudice an arty thing that follows trends that suit her?

  5. funny that cause Tim Roth went to a fairly posh school "Strand School", i should know i was at Tulse Hill School (one of the, if not the, most notorious schools in South London) and only 2 minutes walk from his school, at more or less the same time. The school authorities even changed Strand schools lunch time so they would not come upon our boys out at lunch… Dick Shepherd school was a girls school which amalgamated with Strand school and was in no way a rough school, so this tough comprehensive school depicted in this piece is utter bullshit…. good actor tho  

  6. What a brave man he is! Using people with no skills… he has my deepest respect! Now about the rape scene. You know..people may think that it was "wrong" or even a "good" move. But I sincerely hope that we can all agree that it was a very, very brave thing to do. And for that he gets a "thumb up" from me. :0)
    Thank you for making that movie!

  7. Why was the narrator surprised that The War Zone wasn't a box office success? Chris Penn summed it up perfectly. A film about incest is not going to be breaking any box office records. The War Zone is a very good but bleak movie.Massive fan of Tim's acting especially in Made in Britain. Great actor.

  8. tim roth is a fucking great actor and director and hes straight up if he likes you he will tell you if not he will tell you to fuckoff
    not like any other directors would or actors hes a great guy and i love to work for him i do it for free just to be in a movie off hes

  9. Yeah, I agree and it's part of the reason why I sometimes watch stuff that I don't think I'll like 'cos you never know, you may be surprised. I can think of a film right now to that effect called The Jammed. It's a low budget, truly independent Australian film that had a really small marketing campaign upon release. You look at the poster and it doesn't exactly blow your mind, but it's a film that when you start watching, it totally grips you to the end. Pretty intense.

  10. Yeah, it's interesting that both Tim Roth and Gary Oldman had their own films come out about a year or two apart and haven't directed since. They've more than proven that they can put out quality work behind the camera.

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