Tiger Woods | PGA TOUR Originals: Tiger Tales


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  1. I can only imagine all of the shots, clutch shots I may add, that he has made…and i bet the footage still doesn't do him justice compared to seeing him in person doing what he did.

  2. Honestly as the golf professional myself. I started playing golf in 1995 right before tiger hit the scene hard. My favorite golfer Freddie couples. I absolutely could not stand Tiger Woods. We come from two different worlds. That being said after Tiger Woods went through life's tribulations and has come back. He has become my favorite golfer. It wasn't until he came down off the spoiled kid pedestal. Coming from a world of privilege I would know nothing about. You saw The Human Side you saw the warrior side of Tiger Woods. And you see how he acts now on tour that's the real human being right there. That guy wasn't there before he went through everything. I can honestly say I love Tiger Woods. I respect the man. I idolize the new tiger far more than I did the spoiled kid with daddy issues. Being humbled brought out that dudes heart. And I got his back for sure he is a life inspiration.

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