The Secret Garden Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers


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  1. My god!!!! Why remaking this movie? the 1994 version is down to earth and emotional. Now the trees move? The garden is magical? Did they not understand that the point of the 1 movie was that the magic comes from the world around you and not literaly by magic itself? The theme is like the whole point. And why show her Uncle's face and him in his entirety?


  2. I remember the 1994 movie coming out. My sister in law who worked for Blockbuster sent us the book for Christmas the year before and we decided to read the book (aloud to my kids) prior to seeing the movie. None of us liked the movie as it only used about 3 chapters (the first, last and one in the middle about magic/fire/dancing). It was so disappointing. I hope this one does a better interpretation!

  3. Nice cast but isn't a huge part of the book is that the main character learns to be selfless and after she transforms herself shes transforms the lives of those around her? Here it looks like shes the perfect child to begin with rather than starting out as a privileged brat

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