THE SECRET GARDEN – Teaser Trailer – From the Producer of Harry Potter & Paddington


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  1. people don't understand that this is based on the book and the garden in the book WAS magic 🙂 also the 1993 movie was not based on the book cause the plot is completely different

  2. So glad everyone is commenting exactly what I thought
    Why is Mary smiling so much? She's meant to be a brat and the garden helps her to learn to love. Also, the garden isn't actually magic, it's the power of nature that heals her. Yuck. Avoid!

  3. WHY do all new movies have all this CGI? Are none of the filmmakers ever outside and realize that beautiful and real landscape and animals still exist? How can movies from 25 years ago look better than NEW movies? Why can't the filmmakers see how awful and fake CGI looks when any one of the audience can see it? This looks almost as awful as the new "Call of the Wild" trailer

  4. Why do all movies about classic novels need to now have a multi-racial cast?? These modern interpretations that genuflect to the politically correct lobby are destroying the originals.

  5. Ok, they completed missed the mark here. The magic of the garden is how it changes the people who live at Misselthwaite Manor like Colin, Mary, and Archibald Craven – they learn important lessons about starting over, building connections with others, opening your heart to love, overcoming grief and loss, etc. The garden is not actually magical and never should be magical. The true magic of the garden is found within. This movie looks gimmicky and stupid. Julie Walters and Colin Firth are incredible actors but this looks so corny and bad. Some classics should stay the way they are.

  6. the best part about Mary is she's such a brat… a spoiled brat. It's what made her such a fantastic character, this just seems– I dunno odd af

  7. Sorry but no. I'm all for remakes of films I've loved but this doesn't even come close to feeling like the right story. Plus the Zbigniew Preisner soundtrack from the 93 version is what stuck with me from as young as four, its unbeatable. That alone tells the story better than this CGI catastrophe. Shame.

  8. Seriously, this looks awful, from the creepy CGI garden (why?!) to the crappy, generic music. Am open to being pleasantly surprised but on the evidence of this trailer the chances are not high.

  9. So they turned the entire premise of The Secred Garden on its head, making the Garden a Jumangi type literal magical fantasy? Not only that, they completely changed the historical setting of the literary work to avoid the very real historical issues of early 1900s India to 1947 right before the partition in India. It is like remaking The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to a post-Civil Rights Act of 1964 era South because you are afraid that people might see "dangerous" history otherwise.

    I also wonder at the other seemingly politicized choice to cast Amir Wilson as Dickon, his remade character is highlighted and they only show a 1-2 second shot of Colin in his bed?. Another trendy Hollywood remake that looks to be about as worthwhile as 99% of the rest of them.

  10. Please show your child the 1993 version first. These visuals look great but I still remember watching the garden blooming scene. They sped up the footage of all the flowers popping out and I was in awe!

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