'The Prestige' | Unscripted | Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale


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  1. It's so funny that they're talking about David Bowie being so down to earth and speaking of him like fans, I mean they're also celebrities and I think this shows how respectful and down to earth they both are

  2. Someone needs to remind Hugh and Christian of the promise they made… BATMAN VS WOLVERINE 😂 2021 will be 15 years since The Prestige came out…lol (no idea exactly when this interview came out though). Also, how hilarious that they thought their careers would be in the toilet by now. Both actors are still LEGENDS.

  3. When these two sparred in this movie it was literally a boxing match. This was the only movie Bale did other than The Dark Knight when he was sparring with another alpha male.

  4. Went to see this with my brother and we were both abt to fall asleep watching it until the scene where he fell down the trap door and broke his leg. We both loved it after that.

  5. Christian Bale is the best actor of this generation I think (ok maybe alongside Dicaprio), in this film you need to consider even though it wasn't apparent to the viewer, at times he'd be playing a different twin while needing to convey the same traits while incorporating the FAINTEST differentiation that's extremely extremely unnoticeable which reinforces the big line of this movie "are you watching closely" ah this film is a masterpiece.

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