The Incredible Hulk – Ed Norton Tim Roth, New Trailer * iHD


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  1. I really wish that we would have gotten an origin story Incredible Hulk movie with Edward Norton's Bruce Banner and Hulk. That I would have preferred to have came out on April 13 in the year 2005, and I wish this movie would have been titled The Incredible Hulk 2. I wish this Incredible Hulk movie that we did get would have been released on April 18 in the year 2007. Last but not least I wish that a third Incredible Hulk movie with Edward Norton would have been released on April 14 in the year 2009 even if Universal wouldn't have had their Bruce Banner and Hulk connected to the MCU and if they would have just been stand alone Hulk films. Then instead of Mark Dumbo being Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the Avengers films it could have been Eric Bana the way things should have been.

  2. I know this won't happened but what if hulk had his own sequel with Leader and Gargoyle as the villains with some hulk warriors planned on taking over the world, Bruce's cousin, Jen comes in as She-Hulk, Ross as the Red Hulk, Betty as Red She-Hulk, Rick jones comes in but doesn't become a hulk yet(say a 3rd film) and add a bit of the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde moments in each hulk
    EX:Bruce and Hulk inside Bruce or Hulks mind bringing up decisions about being a hero or monster.

  3. I like liv Tyler, but I have to say the story in the first one was just better. It focused more on the people and the story, rather than on the action and sensationalism. Plus….I think the lady in the 2003 version (Jennifer Connely) fit the part more. In addition to Eric Bana. OK. Everything about the first one was better. Edward Norton is a decent actor, but that role just didn't fit him.

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