The Darjeeling Limited – Exclusive: Adrien Brody


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  1. This is my favorite look for him, long hair and leather. He looks like a rock star. I think he always looks so great in his clothes, even though I get an overwhelming urge to rip them off him. God almighty, he is so sexy we need a new word for sexy.

  2. This movie is really hilarious, so funny. Just watched it a couple of days ago. Owen Wilson is also great in. As soon as he opens his mouth I just can't stop laughing.

  3. are wes anderson's movies really considered comedies? i guess they are somewhat, but the way the interviewer phrased it hit me strangely. i feel like the fact that they have funny scenes does not make them 'comedies'. there is quite a bit more going on than humor, even within funny scenes

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