The Best Of George Carlin


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  1. I wish Carlin was still alive to this day. He would have ENDLESS content on normal life as we see and experience it. He's helped me keep centered with today's society.

  2. This resonates so much with what's happening in the leadership all around the world. The one who doesn't hide his shit, wins. In india, USA, Britain, they just didn't talk about it, and people didn't care. Less shit to worry about.

    Man, this man has shat some shit about this bullshit junction.

  3. Is it me or was Comedy a lot better back then. RIP George Carlin, Redd Foxx, Robin Harris, Lenny Bruce, Rodney Dangerfield, Patrice O Neal, Greg Gilrado. The true legends of stand up comedy.

  4. Dont know if it's on here but George ripped on my buddy and his backwards hat 1 time I think it's on the DVD or tape… his name was chris pike he died in Afghanistan.

  5. I want to like the compilation but the ads Holy fuck what a joke especially fucking tik tok some bullshit ting tong company taking all your information to be used against you who incidently unleashed the new people made virus on the world so anyone using it is one dumb mother fucker

  6. I agree about advertising. Insurance commercials are the worst. Why would I buy insurance because of a fucking green lizard, a goofy bitch in a white apron, a dork in a fortune teller booth, a guy too stupid to remember his lines, a guy that acts like disaster licking a woman’s face…… I buy insurance based on coverage and price. I never buy anything based on a commercial except sometimes a fast food commercial where something looks good but even then I’m usually disappointed.

  7. The white race is doomed. No matter what we are called racist despite whatever we have to do and say. At some point you would think it would end but somewhere someone of the white race is racist and the rest of us are sitting here with our dicks in our hands wondering why we can't get off. The truth of the matter is that everyone is looking to call you out on shit that's not there in order to better themselves and yet we can't spot that while the ones doing real injustices get away spot free. We are doomed.

  8. The thing with George Carlin is that he is a complete and utter American, he was born in New York, grew to stardom by way of the American Dream, and most of his skits are done in a ranty American fashion. He is the perfect example of how to establish an anti-capitalist view but in an American way

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