Stanley Tucci | Full Q&A | Oxford Union


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  1. I'll listen to Stanley, and watch Stanle, in about anything (exception: The Lovely Bones … too difficult of a subject matter). Thanks for the cocktail lesson, Stanley, during stay-at-home orders!

  2. It's damn validating hearing a man as cultured and talented as Stanley Tucci talking about Britain's health system and arts priorities so positively. But it does not mean that those wonderful aspects of what I believe once was a truly enlightened society, that emerged out of the ashes of WWII and an imperial past, haven't been under relentless attack – and have been massively diminished after 40 years of a concerted neoliberal assault. We're heading right back to the pre-war status quo of exploitation, social divide and rule, and frustration and despair for millions, in other words. I think we're already there.

    So sorry Stanley, but the Britain I once knew has gone backwards.

  3. How to look good at 50. Wake up: work your fucking arse off for 1-2 hrs in the gym. Eat brown rice and vegetables.
    Actors get a hard time but I couldn't be that disciplined.

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