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  1. i'd have believed the
    'featuring' toby lee if
    you and lukas nelson
    had swopped guitars
    toby!! 🎸😂 🎸…
    i turned the volume
    up when you started
    playing but as soon as
    lukas started playing
    i had to adjust the
    sound accord-
    ingly!! 🔊🎸😳🎶 …
    your playing is
    excellent but imo
    your guitar tone is
    too 'treble-y' and lacks
    richness and presence…
    i've listened again this
    morning to your terrific
    sound at nidaros 2018
    with welch-ledbetter…
    that more midrange tone
    with a sizzling audio dirtyness…umm!!
    it's not toby lee on triangle…but on
    GEETAH!! 😂 …
    like i remember at a
    motorhead concert
    back in the 1980's you
    might not LIKE what
    they played but you
    sure got to HEAR their
    musical message
    anyway!! 😂 …
    how about a 'jamming
    in toby lee's garage'
    i'd just love to hear you
    miguel montalban and
    james bell ripping out
    some blues/rock improvs together!! …
    and i'm starting to miss
    the great sound of the
    'toby lee blues band'!! …
    that's an excuse
    for another jam
    in the garage!! …
    i'm really glad that
    you had a great time
    performing on the big
    stage and thanks
    for posting
    toby!! 👋🙂🎸 …

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