Serena Williams vs Victoria Azarenka | Wimbledon 2015 Quarter-final | Full Match


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  1. Ok da habe ich im Gedächtnis das Serina das Tunier gewonnen hat!
    Aber klar es passt auch voll in der Symbolik der Harmonie die zum Endergebnis des End Game geführt hat!

  2. I didnt feel Rena looked in great shape in the summer of 2015 strangely and hated the dress here. Amazing how she got through at Wibledon though despite not being anywhere near her 2012 or 2016 form

  3. I always loved Vika the way she talk about her grandma and just for showing so much admiration for Serena on the court. I remember when people would pass off these little .001 second handshakes not even looking her direction

  4. they’re giving the people what they want during quarantine! this might be my favorite wimbledon women’s match ever. up there with the 2008 final, venus and kvitova 2014, and the 2009 semi serena played against dementieva

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