Serena Williams vs Bethanie Mattek-Sands Full Match | US Open 2015 Round 3


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  1. سيرينا دي عسوله وهما ال بيرفعوا راية امريكا في المحافل الدوليه والآخر بيتعاملوا كبشر من الدرجه التالته

  2. This guy is a douche commentating. Totally out of line about the tattoos, why BMS has not had a better singles career. I just can't stand his mouth. So proud of BMS for taking that first set. She has guts and is a joy. I think maybe he knew he was going to lose his job to her.

  3. I'm watching this match again like a movie i love.
    Ooo…Bethanie got ahead of herself and forgot consequences of making the QUEEN angry on Her court.
    Anger is a WEAPON that SERENA uses all too well.

  4. I'm shocked that Bethany was trying to win that match. Serena had won 3 first slams in the year, and Bethany, being an American, shouldn't make obstacles to another American in her way to win all slams in one year. She should support her. It's not only for Serena, it's for the whole country. I don't get Bethany here…

  5. Why is it that anytime someone is playing Serena and they are leading the game, they turn to be over confident even when the game is not yet over. Patience is indeed the key to everything…….

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