Secret Admirer Letter – SNL


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  1. One time I spent a week with other people from all over my country for a summer course. I was extremely shy at the time and didn't really bond with anyone. The last day, someone got the idea of having everyone write a sentence on each other's notebook. I'm on the spot, don't really know anybody, and have no idea what to write. So I try to go with generic stuff, but I feel like I have to switch it up so it won't look like I just had the same sentence for everyone. So here comes the turn of this girl I talked to a bit more during the week, but still not that much. I have to rush not to stall the thing, so I just write "With the hope of meeting again". I didn't even care about seeing her ever again, to be honest, but that's what my brain decided to go with. She gets it back, looks at it, and gets the most creeped out face I've ever seen. I'm not in contact with anybody from that week and thankfully I've grown more sociable with time, but I still replay that scene from time to time in my brain, and I just go "Oh, no" out loud.

  2. Lmao this skit reminds me of a part in a horror movie when the security guard was a vampire stealing blood from the blood bank and fell in love with a employee that work there she named him"Mr.long tooth"(I think it was tales from the crypt series)🤣

  3. To my sweet Jennifer doll who I will own if in god’s plan. I take you to woods and we sleep there 100 years. I am a person who is closer than you think. I hope to grow closer by day’s end. Watching, waiting. I watch you and it makes me mad. There is something I can’t say, but we eat dish of milk and bananas together. You are perfect. I am your mother. Ha ha ha, no. I want to screw with you. I take a long time. We will never be apart in the woods. Do not forget to remind me. I have a peanut for you.

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