Sean Connery talks about Roger Moore & Daniel Craig as James Bond


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  1. It is unfortunate that Timothy Dalton was ahead of his time in the 80s when he portrayed perhaps the most fitting Bond based on the novels; His take on the character which has now grown to be accepted with Craig.

    Unfortunately again, Craig does not possess the look of a Bond in my Bond fantasy mind. I always imagine Bond in the mold of a Connery.

  2. People shit on Moore but he has one of the best bond films in The Spy Who Loved Me. Craig probably has the 3rd best Bond film in Casino Royale, with number 2 being Goldfinger. My personal favorite is Goldeneye. 007 vs 006 was incredible.

  3. As a kid, Roger Moore was my favourite Bond. The first film I saw was "Live and Let Die"; I was probably 11 years old or so.
    I saw "Casino Royale" at the cinema when I was 13 years old and it was quite a departure from the Roger Moore flicks.
    I then picked up Ian Fleming's splendid books (better than the film series) and I began to understand. Today, Sean Connery is my favourite Bond; after him, Timothy Dalton – what an actor!
    Daniel Craig is alright, but I don't like what they did after "Casino Royale" and he's really quite different from Ian Fleming's Bond. I guess we live in a different world.

  4. Whatever film this Man is in he steels it. From any other actor no matter what size of the part. What an actor. In the untouchables he was different class. But as James bond. One cool fucker

  5. Daniel craigs Bond always seems too rough around the edges and not smooth in the way Moore and Brosnan had that middle class charm …they just had faces that have that smarmy touch the Bond i picture requires …..connery and craig are a bit too mans man

  6. just because of my age Moore will always be MY bond ,connery was too early for me plus something about the man i just dont like …love Brosnans films the most though and Really like Daniel craig …poor old Tim pulling up the rear

  7. Sean Connery will always remain the Best! His look, voice and on screen presence will NEVER be matched. Imagine a young Sean Connery in Casino Royale or Skyfall. Connery was simply brilliant. As a kid I used to love the holiday season as it meant watching Bond on television!

  8. Everyone's favorite bond is the one they grew up with. Mine was Roger Moore. The gadgets and one liners were great. The best action and fights go to Craig's Bond.

  9. Pearce Brosnan was a great bond. Goldeneye was and still is one of the best bond films.. unfortunately the films that follows were garbage and ultimately kinda ruined Pearce Brosnan as bond.

  10. What do people think about Idris Elba as bond?
    Personally, I believe he could be perfect! His got the looks, the tounge-in-cheek and can play with that dirt that Bond requires. Plus he can shape that gentleman appearance.
    If you look beyond skin color, and into the character and persona, can you see Elba as a fitting Agent 007?

  11. I'd like to see a bond film done in the same manner as Zorro the Gay Blade, where Bond hurts himself and he has to ask his look alike twin who is gay to stand in for him, and preferably starring George Hamilton.

  12. Sean Connery did a great job as an actor bringing the Bond from Ian Fleming's novels to film! Also, his has been the most persuasively likable Bond, an important spy characteristic.

  13. Roger is a better Bond .
    The Best.
    Because he is daring he is fun but he is always on duty
    He seems to enjoy the job ofcourse Sean is the first Bond quite effective as well
    But what about George Lazenby?

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