Scream 5 (2021) David Arquette Wants to See Kirby Return?!


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  1. 1. Kirby was the best. The cast won't feel complete if she doesn't return. :/
    2. I agree on the MTV vibe the current cast is giving. That's one big worry of mine regarding the film. But maybe Kirby could make the pill easier to swallow.
    3. David Arquette really seems to know what fans really want. Hopefully the writers do too.
    4. Stop hitting the gym, Braden. That nice Black Panther t-shirt is getting too small for those pecs! 😮

  2. My main concern with this movie is that it feels like it's going to be a reboot rather than an actual Scream 5. It seems like it's going to be a movie version of the MTV show with the main trio making a special appearance. If that is in fact the direction that they are going, then I'm going to take a hard pass on it. Looking at the cast list and some of the character descriptions, it looks like they are going very WOKE with the characters this time around, which is another big concern.

  3. Hopefully they listen to us fans and give us kirby! Would be a pretty epic reintroduction to kick off the franchise again. BTW I really hope deputy Judy Hicks comes back for scream 5 aswell.. she ened up being another classic character for me..

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