Saoirse Ronan & Timothee Chalamet Talk Names Being Butchered | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows


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  1. Es increíble ver a estas 2 promesas de la industria juntos, se nota por su lenguaje corporal que hay química entre ellos, por Dios se nota la tensión sexual, en serio les deseo lo mejor ambos, por favor nunca cambien en especial tú timothee, siempre tan adorables.

  2. Im sick of people asking her about her name. We already know how people can not pronounce her name correctly but do they really need to aks her "What's the most crazy mispronunciation people do of your name? in every f* interview. You know she might also have an "acting inspiration" which we will never know cause they only are interested on her name. I'm SICK of it.

  3. I had a substitute teacher in high school call me "Abby-shire" and another add a whole extra syllable… Along with many others. Anybody else just raise their hand as soon as the teacher pauses for more than 10 seconds? The struggle is so very real. Thanks mom and dad.

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