Sandra Bullock and Her Daughter Make RARE Appearance on Red Table Talk


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  1. Oh I have to say is, as a regular American man who believes in stone values and family and love. That even at Santa bar links age of 55 is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my entire life. Regardless that she is 15 years older than myself, I find mature women to be not only the most wisest women, but also be just as great as a fine wine. Because if I met her years ago just by coincidence I can guarantee we would be together no matter what. Because I believe that love conquers all and love is all you need to one person for the other. And nothing else you get in the way regardless of money, things that most people see as value as cars, but I also know that when it comes to me as a man, I want to be able to take care of my own woman and do everything I can for my woman to be happy.

    And yet at this point, I’ve had a girlfriend for over for years and I wish is that I have the kind of relationship that most people take for granted.

    In one of the most favorite movies again, his love potion number nine. After that it would have to be speed, and for my third would be practical magic. And for the rest of her performances I would say what’s better after that is seeing her as Mrs. congeniality one and two. They are the best movies I’ve seen her in and I just adore watching her on screen. Just like my grandfather adored another actress during his day and age, which I cannot remember, sorry, but at the same time I can also understand that some people out there no matter if they don’t have never met them know where their heart is.

    And all I dream about and think about right now, is how I can get with the woman I love more than the woman I have adored during over a 20 year lifespan of watching movies. Because I know actors and actresses just play characters, but at the same time I adore people who are true to themselves regardless of them act in a film. Because I can see them acting in a way that can also show me the love and care that they have in the movie.

    Even if I had the chance to be an actor, I would use all of my emotions and feelings to pro tray any character out there because I have felt the same kind of pain and issues that most every day people in the door. So when it comes to people in film, they’re also very beautiful human beings!

    And even at her early age 55, I still see Sandra Bullock is one of the most beautiful women on stage. She is a natural beauty and doesn’t even need make up. She cares for her children and also wants to have an eternal love as well.

  2. I have to say Sandy is a person with a big heart and and she has never wanted credit for what she does. You can see her trying to give all the credit to her boyfriend WHO posted the pic. Helping her baby girl on screen as any mother would do.

  3. Just Seeing Sandra Bullock with her Kid brings tears to my eyes. She is So Happy with her Children, and I didn't know that She had Adopted Leila, but that Kid is Sweet. I love her little cute little girl's voice. I am So Happy for SANDRA BULLOCK.

  4. To the haters/glass empty people: 1. They are chilling at home 2. Hair dressers are in lockdown and so is everyone 3. They did the smart thing but not exposing themselves to cov-19 to impress shallow people 4. It is not a red carpet or beauty video 5. The video was for caregivers

  5. O my word….Bullock is whispering the same sentences as her daughter. The girl obviously was instructed.
    I don't like that at all. Bullock even grips the hands of the girl to wave.
    My word…..LET HER BE HERSELF PLEASE! Let her do it in her OWN way!!

  6. Black adults are prejudice, because white people adopt black children but you never see black people adopt white children. Nuff said. I 💘 Sandra bullocks. Great actress.

  7. I'm guessing the very generous donations these girlie-wormies boast about…is a lie…& it obviously takes a hord of wormies on all sides of the cycle 2 make this lie stick…??? 😕

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