Salty Comic Pro's Over Keanu Reeves Kickstarter Comic Success


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  1. you can apply the same logic that one piece has to keanu f-ing reaves aswell , you either love the guy or you never heard of him
    oh and about these crybabys these just mad and jelly as hell cuz if they did that no one would support their shitty sjw B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T

  2. i find it interesting how these same creators would be getting onto other people for "gatekeeping" but here they are trying to close the doors on this book.Also people already know that kickstarter is a glorified pre order service right,like we already knew this for YEARS ….imma buy this book though.

  3. This sounds like an Epic Fucking Story. Like Highlander meets Rambo in the Liking of
    John Wick.
    And I would really like the Realistic Fantasy Myth of how it would be being an Immortal in Real Life.
    Like what are the Consequences
    The Government will be behind You knowing that You lived for Centuries
    Your Drivers License
    Your Birth Certificate
    Your Identity , all of that comes into Question.
    This sounds more Grounded

  4. Pre-Sales, free marketing and Customer development as well as using a movie star for cross branding?Oh my god. How can they do such things. Mmmhhh, wait … I heard this before. Oh yeah Professionalism and good business ( Sssshhh do not tell but you can study this and make a living from it, just between us ;-).

  5. So paying for something you want created SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU, is somehow bad.?…Imagine you hire someone to build your house and then othets bitch that they don't get exactly what THEY want, so you shouldn't be able to pay someone else to do it.

  6. I agree, Keaneu Reeves is smart to get into this industry. Filmmaking in our time is on it's last lap. I think there is a reason for this. I think human beings want a medium where they are able to experience that which is unobtainable in the real world. A kind of reimagining of the human imagination, if you will.

  7. what a bunch of OnlyFans hoes complaining. the KickStarter route was for people who wanted special editions and extra merch. It's hard to sell comics nowadays, and its better to have pre-orders instead of losing money. As if those other creators complaining are gonna attract the amount of money Keanu Reeves can get.

  8. This is a perfect way to ensure your vision is upheld. If you do a Kickstart campaign describing what you're intending to put out, then it's being funded by the people who like the vision and want to see it. They don't have to worry about some corporate asshole trying to change their vision and inject some bullshit SJW nonsense into it, and threaten to pull funding if they don't comply. It's brilliant, and the people crying are just salty cause they didn't think of it

  9. Their argument is "no one can make money in comics, it's not just that we're bad at it", so when someone makes money in comics they need to attack that person.

  10. Imagine if movie makers whined about Kickstarter every time a movie is funded by it. Imagine if game developers whined if every time a game is funded. Kickstarter has been used by companies big and small for years. If these "pros" think this is some new unprecedented evil by Boom comics, then they are living under a rock. Hopefully big comic studios take note and blacklist these whiners from working again. These parasites wouldn't be crying about it if they were the ones involved. They are just salty they weren't picked.

  11. Whoever said crowdfunding is "detrimental to the health of the industry and insulting to creators" is delusional and living too high up the comic food chain! For us small comic book publishers, Kickstarter is a badly needed lifeline to keep producing content for readers willing to prepay for a product. Even BOOM Studios can't compete with the shelf space Marvel, DC, and Image command at stores. These 'purists' need to chill and appreciate the realities of comic publishing. Give small creators, and new creators like Keanu, opportunities to break new ground. Here is an example: Cheers

  12. Always bang on. Can't say I agree with you 100 % but hey, big people engaging Kickstarter can be a great boon for others coming up through the same method.

    At the end of the day, I'd hope Keanu Reeves and others like him would be vocal not only in their support of this kind of support, but let the populace at large know: There is a legion of fantastic, worthwhile and fundworthy projects out there. Tired of the status quo? Then fuck. Here you go. Maybe fund something like, oh say, Black Fields.

  13. They are so salty because Keanu Reeve's comic looks 100x better than the woke crap they shovel out.
    Can't have a comic about a male with testosterone, that's offensive to these clowns.

  14. But dam one thing struck me, Don't Keanu have enough money to start a comic with out kickstarter ? But you MrH seems to lost the line are ppl gonna pay twice for same product !

  15. Mainstream comics have been in woke-driven decline for a few years. Comic artists etc moved to create comics on Kickstarter…but…Kickstarter were gatekeeping comic projects and kicking off comic projects that did not bow to the woke agenda. The same woke mob hate this, but its allowed on thier platform because of name recognition, which pisses off everyone else.

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