Ryan Adams – Shake It Off (from '1989') (Official Audio)


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  1. That last Baby I'm just gonna shake

    The way it swings from rage to resignation. The weight of hard-learned lessons tilting it toward the latter. Who knew you could give a pop song pathos. This is such a brilliant interpretation.

  2. His cover record is beyond beautiful, sort of hard to capture my appreciation for his renditions in words. I didn't necessarily dislike this song, but it was my least favorite from Taylor's original album, however, Ryan truly transformed it!

  3. Swift is massively talented, unlike some modern pop rubbish. She can play, sing, write, market herself, etc. Her early country albums are nothing like her modern work. Adams is totally cool and this song now sounds deep and the reverb is LOVELY. Cool concept.

  4. I hate Taylor Swift; but I love these covers, they sound as if they really did come out of the late 80's-early 90's, I know that's the point; but I've seen so many mainstream artists pull this off and most if not all have failed at achieving the 80's aesthetic that Ryan Adams has done with this cover album!

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