Robert Duvall – Top 40 Highest Rated Movies


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  1. I could have sworn I left a comment on Duvall…a few days ago. Either it disappeared or I am getting old…lol. Duvall is one of the great character actors. Hoping Second Hand Lions made the Top 20. My first miss is #31 Lawman. Second is #28 John Q. Ahh…Second Hand Lion barely makes it into Top 20…but it made it. 3rd & 4th miss are #14 The Outfit & #13 The Apostle. So that is a total of 36 Duvall movies watched. Favorites are Second Hand Lions, The Godfather, The Great Santani, Seven Per Cent Solution, To Kill A Mockingbird and Days of Thunder (my favorite Duvall guilty pleasure movie). Good selection and video. Voted up and shared at UMR.

  2. I have seen 8 Robert Duvall movies. My favourite is To Kill a Mockingbird. Other movies I have seen include Apocalypse Now, The Outfit, The Natural, Network, MASH, The Great Santini, and Days of Thunder.

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