Quick Change – mafia scene 1990 Bill Murray, Stanley Tucci, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid


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  1. I seen this at the movies and my best buddy Andy owned VHS copy, must have watched this a 1,000 times, so many good movies from 80's and early 90's…this is one of the best, Beverly Hills Cop is probably still my favorite…

  2. They cut out a part of this scene….and it has always bothered me!

    I have this DVD and is one of my favorite movies, but I have seen a different version of this scene that is not on the DVD. Around the 3:25 mark, you see Geena say "yeah" and "come on Earl" but they cut out the part of WHY she says this.

    In the other version I have seen (and only seen it once), after handing Bill the money, the mob guy asks why the girl is there and once again, Bill's character has to think of something quick, so he says she is there to "check the tape"…after Geena gives Bill another "what in the hell are you doing, now" look, the mob guy hands her the register tape and she looks over it like she knows what she is doing. That is what she is holding in her hand when she says "Yeah" and they try to leave.

    For the life of me, I have no idea why someone would choose to edit out this 10 second part!! It goes perfectly with the theme of Bill getting them out of issues by thinking "quick"….has anyone seen this version and have a link to it??

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