Q&A with Casey Affleck


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  1. Why do people have so much problems with beards on men????? when someone has a beard, somebody always has to make a remark. Is it so intimidating?

  2. He seems awesome and very easy to talk to. His performance in "Manchester" was amazing !!!!! He deserved that Oscar and every other award he received. And it doesn't hurt that he has a pair of beautiful blue eyes!!! Ahhh!!!!! GOD bless!!!

  3. I m so in love with Casey Affleck 🙁 but he will never ever met me,he is too high in to the sky for me, cuz I am just a simple girl and he is a super star ..If I ever dreamed about my personal fairy tale this man with will be my prince his eyes are what I love the most I see his soul thru them and I can see why I like him so much 🙁 but this is not a movie but real life

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