Potter cast remember Alan Rickman at A Celebration of Harry Potter


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  1. I just dont know why i was touched when in lockhart scene its like he is paying respect to him
    RIP Alan Rickman Allah aap ki maghfira farmai Ammeen only some people can understand this and I respect them a lot

  2. Such a beautiful tribute I will always treasure the portrayal of the bravest man who ever knew. This and numerous wand tributes and the flowers at 9 and 3 quarters. Always in my heart Alan. 💙

  3. I cant believe I’m just now hearing about this! It made me cry so much, he will always be remembered for his voice and how great of an actor he was.😭😭😔 Rest In Peace Alan Rickman you had a amazing life. i will always remember him as Snape, he was the best actor on the Harry Potter set.😔😭😔 He entertained us all, made us laugh, cry, or want to know more, he was one of those people who made the story feel so real when he acted, that was how good he was. Rest In Peace Alan Rickman…… Rest In Peace. You will forever be remembered.😔😔😭 at least he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. We love you Alan Rickman, why does it always have to happen to the people who leave the biggest footprint on earth and make a huge impact on the world. that’s how it seems. he is truly one of the best actors I have ever watched on a movie, why did he have to go.😔😔😭 His relatives and friends probably cried their eyes out when it happened, just like me, but just remember, he will always be a legend. that’s why people will never forget him, because hero’s are remembered and legends never die. we will never let anyone forget about you. The way you changed people and how you changed the world Alan Rickman, is unforgettable and remarkable. I’m glad you left tons of different things to remind people what you did. Bye Alan Rickman you will always be loved and in our hearts. We will miss you so much. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😭👋👋👋👋👋👋

  4. No other actor, I repeat NO OTHER ACTOR, could have done a better job at portraying Severus Snape the way Alan Rickman so beautifully and brilliantly did. He is missed everyday. RIP from 2019!

  5. RIP Alan Rickman I am still crying to this day because it was such a great movie I can not imagine any movie better then Harry potter 😖😭😢❤️Harry Potter will always be remembered

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