Penn & Teller MMT EGYPT


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  1. Pick a card! (Guy in the back eats glass.)
    Look my arm bleeding! (Guy in the back eats brick)
    This is your card! (Guy in the back eats iron nails)
    If this is your audience, you are so out of luck..

  2. I would like to see this show now. Not with Covid but just with wide spread internet and technologies. And I love these two. They say they keep their relationship professional but there is no way. And and I love Mortez. He is great.

  3. Someone able to play Teller like that is truly talented. Teller is one of the best magicians in the world, and his sleight of hand is unmatched. I love how he's like a little kid when someone is legit able to bamboozle him.

  4. I just really love how shitty and candid this is. Like that shot of teller blowing his nose and coughing quietly as the camera zooms in, or him filming the reflection in his glasses, or shots of penn on the couch looking like he has no intent to get up in the next 20 years. Really just a pleasure to watch them just fool around.

  5. It's true in Arab cultures if you admire something (like an egg bag) they are supposed to give it to you. But you are supposed to refuse it! If they insist you still refuse. If they insist again, then you can take it. But you still should give something in return!

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