Patriots Day


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  1. Finly watched this movie. Watching that trooper salute that baby when the EMS Finally got there had me in tears. They should have taken that scumbag, tied him to 4 cars and slowly pulled him apart then through the corps in the trash.

  2. What a great movie on a sad day,,reading alot of these stupid ass coments left about this day that Boston and the us standed proud together that over came evil,to all u dumb shits that have nothing but stupid shit too say,,,realize that we are here in the best country in the world that gives us freedom,if u dont like it,go live in a 3rd world country and enjoy it there…

  3. God, I was there that day to watch my friend run in the marathon. We were literally at the finish line and he ran through a little early. We JUST missed it. So horrible and sad what happened

  4. Thank you to all the first responders that had to deal with all the wounded and took good care of them and all the officers who put their life on the line and days without sleep and not seeing their family to catch and kill the assholes. You’ll forget be in my heart🙏🏻

  5. They litterally made a movie about taking constitutional rights away from citizens. Practiced martial law on 1 major city. Also still havnt explained why navy seals were at the marathon with the se back packs as the so called accused. It's all b.s and these movies are made to make you comfortable to their ideology.

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