Pamela Anderson Opens Up About Ex Tommy Lee's Altercation with Son, Brandon (Exclusive)


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  1. Pamela is A very grounded woman. She knows what she wants. She has kept it together, for her Boys. I am sure that they will Respect her for this. Family is Priority. XXX. Takecare. STAY Safe. 6th July 2020

  2. People saying how nice she is look at other statements she made about this altercation. She basically slams brittany furlan saying she is the reason he is drinking so badly. She seems like she has 0 respect for brittany who is the nicest person amd she has no reason to blame her for tommys problems.

  3. Little arsehole kid needs a lesson in respect like alot of kids these days. Problem is, you can't discipline kids anymore. Society is seriously fucked up now. Stupid, entittled single mothers getting hand-outs from a bunch of different sources, all enabled and enforced by government . Kids without fathers in their lives because of government protecting and providing for these bitches. Not to mention the mother most probably pushing their father out of there lives by trashing him constantly to them. Im sorry single mothers, but you can't raise kids properly on your own!!. You can't be fathers!!! Wake the fuck up everybody!!!! And for fuck sakes!!, who gives a fuck what she looks like, you brain dead morons!

  4. Pam is a super sweet heart…and despite Tommy's seemingly ass-hole incident with his son, he's actually always been a cool dude, even if he hasnt always kept himself in check at times. He can be a douche, but he's got a good heart just like her. Hope their kids end up happy and kind(like they seem to be(?)).

    I wish they woulda aged better. Theyve both really gotten rough last 5 yrs. No slag on them thow…I admire them growin old and layin off the surgery and tryna be young like a lot a the older people we know..ahem…*cough*

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