OnePlus 8 Pro Ft. Robert Downey Jr Trailer Commercial Official Video HD


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  1. It’s not overpriced.
    Apple sells phones 3x badder from this and sells it for almost double or triple the price of this.
    Look at the specs man,I mean this phone has better specs than my complete pc setup even the screen.

  2. This is the first time I saw Robert Downey Jr in any kind of platform..and that particular style just after he puts his tea cup in the sink and then puts the phone in his back pocket and pulls of his blazor..omg..usually I skip ads but I just couldn't skip it..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Никакого смысла могли бы преподнести с чем а не так просто пихнуть Дауни , мое конечно Дауни отличный актер и отличный человек но ролик фигня 🙄

  4. 👉 " Yes of course,, "I love – We Love everyone Love OnePlus Brand,, Because of "We need most stunning a crafted,,Design as well as most powerful speed & powerful durability mattrial and a highly advanced Technologically equipped man made smart well as resonabal price for all levels customers.that's why OnePlus 8 series a complete package Smartphone,, created by OnePlus Brand ,,if you experience once a time you never ever go back next Brand .😘🤗💪🤔🙏🙏

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