Olicity Forever! Stephen Amell’s Sweet Words About Missing Emily Bett Rickards on ‘Arrow’


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  1. They seemed pissed and sad but i hope the ending doesnt suck ill be so pissed i still watch the seasons over and over on netflix i love the show i think it coulda done 10 seasons and then ended and we dont even get 24 episodes like normal and not even half and only 10 like what i have a feeling the 10 episodes isnt gonna be enough and there gonna try to much and its gonna ruin it

  2. Did anyone understand what Stephen meant by saying “we’ve kind of mapped out how the show’s gonna end and normally when television shows do that that’s not how it’s gonna end, which is probably why that’s how it’s gonna end”? (min. 3:30) I didn’t get if he meant that Oliver’s not gonna die because we all expect that or that he’s gonna die because we all think he’s not and so nobody expects that. God I’m confused

  3. I love the family dynamic these guys have here, they're so much more than a cast of actors / actresses, they're more like blood relatives and it's really nice to see that. It feels in complete without Emily Bett Rickards there and she has been such a big part of Arrow and played a huge role in the show's success. I hope we will get to see her one last time even if it's just a cameo for one scene, it wouldn't be the same to end it without her #missyouemily

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