Odette Yustman Dave Annable 8-13-10


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  1. Hm I Wish I Were in the Place Of Dave Becouse Odette is so Beautiful 🙁 You man you are The Luckiest in the world sooo you must Care with this girl Or I Will Kill you 😀 🙂 I Am Joking about Killing but you really have the Most beautiful Girl in the planet 🙂 I Really envy for you 🙁

  2. Shes one the most beautiful actresses out there BUT, I don't like that attitude of "theres no way youre going to Vegas" type stuff. What a gay bachelor party. She should be more open minded and less insecure. This guy is clearly whipped but I guess I can't blame him but he will probably get tired of her eventually

  3. @AndreeaMKU
    Yea me either, but all i know is he is the luckiest guy on the planet!!! lol but yea, wish them the verryyyyy best!!! Odette deserves happiness for the rest of her life =)
    Really wish I was that guy, lol. So lucky he has such a sweet and beautiful girl by his side =)

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