Nicole Kidman & Casey Affleck – Actors on Actors – Full Conversation


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  1. I think that Casey Affleck stands out in every movie he is in. star or supporting role he just kills it. he has such a diverse talent. he is one of the best and I hope he is around for a long time.

  2. Kidman has managed to alter her face, but still get work because she can act. Fair play, although I no longer see her as a role model for women. And I don't watch her films because she's weird to look at and it takes you out of the story. It's a shame she, or any actress for that matter, ever felt the need to go to such an extreme.

    I like Casey as an actor. Never seen him be anything other than awesome. Hope his personal stuff isn't what they say it is.

  3. Anyone feel like they were taking shots at each other for a moment? She said he seemed like his character. Someone that looked up her skirt. He said it was like an insult then brings up her crying on set like she couldn't keep it together and how he thought "people do this?" Other than that they were polite though.

  4. Casie's performance in 'Manchester by the Sea' made me cry my eyes out.
    Nicole is so angelic it feels a bit moronic to allow your eyes move away, inadvertently from her face.

  5. Nicole Kidman is lovely & has so much more personality than I'd imagined, but there is one thing that continues to perplex
    me and that is with all her access to the best hair people, that not one of them is honest with her about that hair color.
    She has such gorgeous strawberry to real red hair and instead persists in this awful yellowish strawberry (for lack of better description)
    with no definition or highlights, just most unattractive color.
    Madonna does the same thing, has hair color that almost matches her skin.
    They both would look so incredible, but the mousy, processed look wins I suppose.

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