Michael Caine’s Incredible Encounter With John Wayne | The Graham Norton Show


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  1. What's so cool is that Caine and Wayne remained good friends over the years, celebrating birthdays together and I'm pretty sure I heard Caine say he visited Wayne in hospital when he was dying.

  2. Change the record Micheal ,this story (if true )has been told by you countless times, along with many others some proven to be untrue.
    I like Micheal Caine but there comes a time when we must retire and stop beating the same drum.

  3. A living icon and a hero to all working class Londoners.

    I will truly shed a tear when he goes. They don’t make em like that anymore. A class act, always was and always will be.

  4. I enjoy most films with Michael Caine in it. But after I saw him on TV we with an audience of Coronation Street Emmerdale..
    .. Michael Caine belittle these people shows like Coronation Street Emmerdale
    This was some years ago. I really went off in then seems to be full of yourself. The best movie ever made was Get Carter.

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