Melleefresh vs deadmau5 / Hey Baby (deadmau5 Instrumental Remix)


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    TriangleReality (Me): Thank you Play, otherwise we would've gotten only the porn-ish version. lol

    SAIGON 67: xd I see whatcha mean but they both were just fine. Besides the orgasms in the other one, that ruined the song.

    Ry Guy: @SAIGON 67 its called preference. not everyone likes the lyrics "whacha doin who ya screwin" all over the edit.

    SAIGON 67: ah I see, sorry.

    Ry Guy: SAIGON 67 yes shame on you how dare you!

    Also Ry Guy: SAIGON 67 maybe Jesus will forgive you. But not me

    TriangleReality (Me): And now you guys start a fight? LOL

    Ry Guy: TriangleReality nope. Just sarcasm.

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