Matthew McConaughey Talks About The Night He Met Wife Camila | PEN | People


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  1. Nope if the girls ask👎 sham. Entrapment with kids. For reals anyone in this day n age who gets pregnant it's on purpose!!! Especially 2. Play on wool over my eyes. The louder they proclaim, bet open marriage

  2. He’s an attractive man. He’s famous. He’s got good friends. A good relationship with his family. He’s got a good reach. His mind was in a very good place. He was operating in the space of love, not scarcity. And he understands that finding peace and happiness is from within. Loved how he articulates that experience. Continued blessings to whole family.

  3. According to his Twitter feed he cares exponentially more about football than his wife, or kids. He treats her like arm candy and nothing else. This man is exactly nothing, but brand… and it totally shows. Stop getting sold by Hollywood conmen, people… and find better people to look up to.

  4. He is a very grounded guy! I have never heard anyone explain their meeting their life partner that way. He got to know and could recognize her inside not just the outside plus he was in a very great place.

  5. A gentleman doesn't wait until after his second child is born to ask for the children's mother's hand in marriage. That is distasteful, no matter the emotions and intentions.

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