Mark Wahlberg Gives Terrible Celebrity Advice to Tom Holland | The Graham Norton Show


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  1. 45 days in jail for a 2 year sentence lol, not much of a hardened criminal. Mark Wahlberg is such a disappointment. Guy whose given an amazing opportunity to learn from his mistakes and to recognize how lucky he is and he decides to conclude that "It's cause god helped and he's awesome." Total lack of self-awareness, total lack of objectivity and intellectual growth, and a really self serving set of morals/rules that he seems to portray.

  2. Man, Mark Wahlberg is kinda scary on talk shows. He seems like he's trying to hold down his anger. He was actually kinda positive when telling Tom to enjoy himself and then Graham totally undermined everything he said and he did not look happy.

  3. Ya have some fun. Make some horrible music and music videos. Then turn that into a movie career that when all is said and done just makes you a lot of money and nothing else. Lol.

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