LOST GIRLS Trailer (2020) Drama Netflix Movie


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  1. Man, Thomasin McKenzie just can't catch a break…from living in seclusion in the wild to being hunted by Nazis to now missing altogether…somebody give her a romantic comedy please. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Idk if it's different wherever everyone commenting about all the First Nations women and girls that go missing are from but where I live in Canada our media covers these women's stories very well and we have marches all the time to rase awareness and to remember them, I hope that starts happening where you guys live too, it's so horrible that they aren't being recognized.

  3. Why was she running from the driver who transported her and tried to help while she continued running down the neighbourhood instead ???. And i bet a $ that some higher up in the society was involved in this.

  4. All this talk of race inequality in which girls are spotlighted is exactly what the evil people that are doing this want. We need to make this so serious that no one, Including the police and governments won't cover it up.

  5. Good God it's just that billboard movie with unknown actors. When will they start telling indigenous and black girls stories who have gone missing? Tired of the same old shit and tired of people getting worked up over some little white girl gone missing but when a kid of color goes missing- not a peep. Never a headline. No hashtags.

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