Leonardo Dicaprio Lifestyle 2020 ★ New Girlfriend, Island, Cars


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  1. He didn't do much in Gangs of N.Y. He was real good in Edgar, which wasn't mentioned, Aviator was a good one , but Shutter Island, nah, the reality of inflation doesn't exist for him, he is exceedingly super showered upon like God's gift to creation , oops am I poor mouthing someone, ?, nah. The truth doesn't need to be stressed and that's the Decency Principle for ya.

  2. I have been wondering what this dude's deal is. I am looking forward to seeing this once upon a time. Of course Malibu. Fell in love with Malibu too Leo. I feel you. Belize. Huh. Smart. There is something about him that makes me go hmmmm. I am almost certain that he is wondering the same about me.

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