Lance Armstrong Wins IRONMAN 70.3 Hawaii


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  1. Lance will always be an inspiration to me! He leveled the playing field …had to! All those cyclist where on something but as Tour de France would have it, always target the Americans! Face it; they hate us over there! Lance you rock man!

  2. It is easy to forget how talented and driven this guy is, even at 16 Lance was beating 25 and 30 year old pro triathletes. He was unlucky to be in an era of cycling where everyone doped, it overshadowed how good he really was because people think that he won only because he cheated. If everyone including lance were clean he still would have won and people that know pro cycling well all admit that Lance is still an all time great if not the greatest of all time.

  3. Be thankful Armstrong’s hubris brought him down because he would have smoked the tri crowd and blown up that whole ‘iron man’ bs.

  4. What alot of people don't really realise was that lance would have won a tour de france at least one if everyone was clean he was still an exceptional bike rider and alot of amateurs who haven't really riden at world tour would not understand

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