Kris Allen – Let It Be


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  1. Chills. Beautiful. Loved him that year; he deserved to win. Still love seeing his performances. He wears his heart on his sleeve when he sings…seems like a good guy.

  2. Ok, you are obviously the dumbass because I said it had nothing to do with the singer. So no…. idiot, I am not dissing Kris Allen. I am dissing the arrangement of the song. I am a musician and I can play this song correctly. You obviously don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. I was cordial but then a fucktard like you had to come along and ruin it.

  3. Ok dumb ass, we get it… Put your version on youtube for all of us to see. i can only imagine what a disaster that would be. Or could it be that you're only trying to diss Kris Allen? Either way, you lose dumb ass!

  4. No, the worst cover of this song. Not because of the singer, but this song has a lot more chords. The pianist just plays C in the beginning. Sorry, I have seen better.

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