Kris Allen – Heartless – 7-5-09 Portland, OR


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  1. found you through wikipedia. great sound quality!!! =) dang. wish i could've been at the idols tour! too bad i'm not from the

    anyway i hope this will be the version on his upcoming album =)

  2. If Kris gets famous – he'll need dancers and band behind him to add visuals and excitement. Otherwise, 2 hours of him standing there strumming and singing with nothing but a curtain behind him – would bump his ticket price way down. Got to have zing.

  3. Kris has demonstrated countless times that he can take a song and make it sound totally different. Take for instance his rendition of Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time". The melody is there, but he makes the song less beat-driven and more guitar-driven. "She Works Hard for the Money" was a demonstration of just what Kris can do with a hit song. He made it sound like a completely different song and in my opinion, made it more contemporary and current. "Heartless" was his crowning glory, though

  4. hmmm… actually I tought you were talking about Kris….I'm a HUGE Kris fan so consider my comment as not applicable. As for Adam, I'm not really into him but was aware of it for ROF. I like him though for the reasons you mentioned but Kris for me is the more musicaland creative artist (must also mention the killer tone voice he has beside an outstanding phrasing)

  5. Sorry, navarrosgirl, but The Fray's version sucked. Joe King (the vocalist for The Fray) sounded like he was chewing something in his mouth while singing. Kris wins with this rendition because of his phrasing (I like when he puts a sly emphasis on "homies" haha) and his musicality. I like his upbeat version better than The Fray's or Kanye's or that other chick from that other MTV talent show. That first couple of lines "In the night" could have ended the show. He wowed with just one line.

  6. Yes, please wear something other than the plaid every now and then like the t shirt and vest combination you wore on the Ellen D show or like some of the clothes you wore on AI. Love you!

  7. "that right there is the reason he won" Are you kidding? It's just OK. I'm really sorry, guys. I think Kris is a wonderful person, but as an artist AND performer he does absolutely nothing for me-just my opinion. A bunch of musicians do not respect him as an artist, as they can perform the same or even better. However, Adam is untouchable in every way. I just went here to see what Kris performed-going to other artists-I tryed to enjoy him musically-I won't be back, which will make you all happy!

  8. electric guitars at around 3 mintues sound AMAZING
    SO ARE the backup vocals
    this arrangement is briliant!!
    this shouldbve been what the studio shouldve sounded like. briliant..

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