Kris Allen and Scott MacIntyre before the Tacoma show


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  1. Princessseg12112: When you're blind, it is possible to look at Twitter, etc. Maybe he can't see the pictures, but it's possible for him to read what people has writing. And i know Scott has a site: MySpace, he's my "friend" there! I don't know if he's on Twitter, but really on the PC!!

  2. This is the first interview ive watched Kris in without Adam being next him. I've never noticed how cute Kris really is. My attention has always been drawn to Adam. But damn this boy is hot.

  3. i swear Kris is looking for adam during this whole thing cuz every time i hear adam's voice in the background Kris looks up LOL oh and im pretty sure that was Adam practicing his vocals in the background in the beginning. anyways Kris is awesome. i personally would like to see more Kradam interviews.

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