Kris Allen – Ain't No Sunshine (Studio Version)


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  1. It's sad that he goes unknown…. He definitely deserved to win with a voice like this, but in reality he only won the competition, and his success was so short lived. I wish he was more relevant.

  2. u need to find a song like to put u #! on Bullboard pleae talk 2 @*****…maybe u should collaborate with your talent and his team of song writers you could make a top 40 hit…just thinking  u r too awesome and talented to  just raise  babies

  3. @LittleLegs92 Too true. Even though he did sing Mad World and Tracks of My Tears, even those were in the same genre as the others. When given the opportunity to transform a song, he did it…he just made it so that it sounded the same as all of the others he changed. Adam is the better singer, but Kris has more diversity.

  4. there is no denying that adam lambert is better vocally.
    this was a good performance but still not amazing, and i also believe the idol performance was better than this version

  5. Booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg! Your voice sounds like New kids on the block. Kris needs action in his life…! Poor guy , He won because you can sell your image more than his voice.

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