Kirstie Alley Slams Abercrombie and Fitch Over Lack of Plus Sizes


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  1. Wow …everybody should cater to fat glutinous hogs!!! Hey Kirstie if you donated a cheeseburger to the homeless for every one that you shoveled down your sloppy face …you could probably end world hunger

  2. Holy shit. There are real problems in this world. And we worry about this?
    What next? Boycott a tall mans store because they are exclusively outing people who are short?
    There is a store down the street from me that sells running shoes. Should I protest them because that don't have the golf shoes I want?
    If your large don't shop there. What is the problem?

  3. "Yeah, and Big and Tall stores, they hate small people like me. NOTHING in those stores fit me. Why do they hate small people so much??" See how stupid that sounds? — Fun fact: All of Abercrombie and Fitch's main competitors run the same size ranges. American Eagle, Aeropostale, GAP, H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel…fat people should just stop wearing all name brands…or is Abercrombie and Fitch just super easy to hate on because all of their models are drop dead gorgeous. Or at least, they used to be before the diversity people stepped in and said ugly people need representation too. Why is it that men can understand that when you shop in stores, the models on the posters are supposed to be really good looking. Yet, women seem to get offended that the models are better looking than they are?

  4. Can everyone stop complaining about Abercrombie. He said he didn't want you shopping there and you don't shop there so why the do you care ? They can market to who they please. I shop at Abercrombie kids and I love there store. Ceo of Abercrombie wishes he was skinny and perfect when he was younger and thinks he's making up for it by sling small clothing however now he has less customers. So everyone who hates Abercrombie just shut up ..

  5. That Lady with her two daughters that sent every piece they own back to the campus is stupid. Mike Jeffries NEVER read their letter. When they get packages, they are automatically  intersected by the campus security office and destroyed since no RA number is included. I abandoned that ship when I notice early on 2008 that it started to sink. Every high-rated hateful comment here are thump up by similar shallow and cruel individuals who think it's OK to hate. #shameonyou

  6. How can he say shit about people only looking beautiful if they're under a size 10 when he fucking botches his face with every knife there is so he can "BELONG" in the ignorant standards of society?? I really hope one day him and his disgusting, ugly mind go out of business. He's a joke.

  7. Wow… What a POS
    I wish i would have seen this sooner, i have been living under a rock. People like him do not deserve good things!
    Abercrombie i thought had been AGAINST bullying… But he is the worst bully of all. How dare he tell anyone theyre not beautiful because theyre not skinny smh. Never buying from abercrombie again

  8. "Men can be large because of being athletes but women of large sizes are not cool"? So the usual diktat, women must be thin emaciated starving weaklings easy to control while large males are cool enough (if they are merely fat they can fall on others and thereby control them?) ….anyway, whoever thought a&f were cool or even necessary must be sweaty by far! Try L L Bean, they cater to real people and real occupations (unlike those that cater to models for male fantasy of dominating), or a plethora of those clothiers that do not hate women and do not demand they starve!

  9. Just like any other company or business, its just am marketing strategy. Whether its a good one remains to be seen. I personally like shopping at A&F, but its definitely not for everyone.

  10. I work at an Abercrombie store, and though I definitely don't appreciate the way the CEO makes his statements and expresses his opinions about people's appearance and weight, I don't understand why people complain so much about the sizes and the way the models look. If I go into a store that specializes in plus size clothes, I'm not going to come out bitching about the fact that nothing fit me and demand that the store cater to everyone. You don't want to shop at a certain store? THEN DON'T. As simple as that. CEOs can choose the group of people they want to reach and the kind of image they want their employees, brand, and stores to portray. Sure, he could be more mindful of what comes out of his mouth. As a person, society obviously would expect him not to say the things he has said, but as the owner of his brand, he has every right to do whatever the hell he wants with it. GET OVER IT.

  11. fat and ugly women NOT alllowed , live with it or do something about your self. This is america why cant women who go out of their way to take care of themselves  be allowed to stand out any way they want? No one should have to bow down to fat women to make them feel good about them selves 

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