Kirstie Alley – She Wishes Craig "Tried Her Out" – Her Only Appearance


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  1. Kirstie Alley was, and still is, one of the most attractive women I've seen. It's not all about looks, (which she has still retained that sexiness), and size doesn't mean a thing. She's beautiful to me thin or with a few pounds added. Her bubbly personality, wit, and charm also win me over. Kirstie! – I'm Scottish, still living in the North East of it, single, and up for the challenge if you'll accept a date!? Ok, I'm a few years younger than you, but, the most importamt thing is: I can't stand golf! Marriage material then? PM me…..

  2. I loved her interview. Pretty all late night talk shows, when they have someone on, they are pretty much just panhandling. They are only on there to say, "Hey. Go see my movie, read my book, buy my music…………pay me." Thats why I always loved watching Craig because most of his interviews were off the wall conversations. Kirstie Alley there was about the best one because she didn't try to sell us anything. Thank you for putting it up, Jayleno Fly. =D

  3. It's sad that the culture we live in devalues females who become 'heavy'. On the other hand, men in the USA who are 'over-weight' are less likely to be 'put down.' I liked the way Craig tried to get Kirstie to reconsider the negative view she had of her self.

  4. People , that hate Kirstie Alley, have no Heart. She is the greatest. Look at her now…67 Years and still destroy half of Hollywood with the blink of an Eye…

  5. Am I crazy or is Kirstie Alley extremely undesirable!!! People actually find her attractive??? OMG!!! I think I went to sleep last night and woke up on another planet!?!?! If I put a list together of the top 1000 women I find desirable, she would be number 1,000,001!!!!!

  6. She be a Secret Pump n Dump only . She only has Some boobs now because of the volume of weight gained . Without the weight she didn't have much to start with , and I Really Doubt that they are seriously attractive … Get to know her better boys – and I Guarantee yous that you'll find out that she's VERY LOUD , Demanding , Smokes A LOT ! . . and would drive you Crazy and away !!! She needs to go back to brunette .

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